Telehealth Access bill signed into law

STERLING — State Rep. Tony McCombie was a co-sponsor of the Telehealth Access bill signed into law by Gov. JB Pritzker on Thursday.

The bill is aimed at increasing access to telehealth services in communities throughout Illinois. The legislation permanently extends payment parity requirements for mental health and substance abuse disorder services, while authorizing all other telehealth services be covered through 2027.

“The pandemic may have compounded the need for expanded telehealth services, but rural communities stand to benefit for years to come by extending some of the coverages and innovations needed to bring telehealth services to communities throughout Illinois,” said McCombie, who is a member of House Insurance Committee.

The legislation prevents insurance plans from requiring a patient to attend an in-person visit before a telehealth visit. The bill bars insurance companies from requiring patients provide proof of hardship or an access barrier before receiving telehealth services.