Letter: Support Bishop for 37th District Senate seat

Sauk Valley Letters to the Editor

I am writing to endorse Chris Bishop for the Illinois State Senate. I believe he is by far the best candidate to represent the 37th District in the upcoming primary election on March 19.

I’ve known Chris Bishop for over 20 years. I served as assistant coach for Dixon High School under Chris’s leadership for eight years. Chris is a born leader and role model in the community. He is an effective communicator and is able to rally and motivate teams toward success. He strives for continual improvement in himself and others. Plus, he is a caring and compassionate person.

Chris Bishop is known for his integrity and strong work ethic. He is the kind of representative this state needs. I believe he will bring a fresh perspective and drive positive change that will benefit our community for years to come. I encourage my fellow residents of Lee County and the 37th District to join me in supporting Chris Bishop for State Senate on March 19.

Together, we can make a meaningful impact by electing a leader who is committed to representing the interests of all residents.

Micah Hey, Dixon

Micah Hey, Dixon High School’s head wrestling coach