Marshall-Putnam 4-Hers participate in State Public Speaking Contest

Pictured (left to right): Marshall-Putnam 4-Hers Hayden Meachum and Daphne Heeley at the Illinois 4-H State Public Speaking Contest

Three members of the Marshall-Putnam 4-H participated in the Illinois 4-H State Public Speaking Contest on Saturday, April 30 at 2400 W. Bradley Ave. in Champaign. The three 4-H members competed in two divisions of the contest.

Participants in the contest develop skills for communicating real-life issues to live audiences and receive professional and peer feedback.

Participants between the ages of 8 to 18 are eligible to compete in the contest and gain skills in learning how to organize and prepare a speech, how to present themselves in front of an audience, and developing speech delivery skills.

Marshall-Putnam 4-Hers Cadence Breckenridge of the Lostant Leaders and Daphne Heeley of the PC Progressors participated in the the Formal Speech Division.

In the Formal Speech Division, participants share their perspective on a topic of their choice with a speech intended to motivate, persuade, or inform an audience. Marshall-Putnam 4-Her Hayden Meachum of the Saratoga Leadaways participated in the Original Works Division. In the Original Works Division, presentations made by participants must be published works, and manuscripts or transcripts.

Pictured: Marshall-Putnam County 4-Her Cadence Breckenridge at the Illinois 4-H State Public Speaking Contest

Public speaking is a key part of the 4-H experience. During the year, 4-H members give talks and demonstrations at community club meetings and share information about the skills they learned in a project while receiving feedback in a supportive environment.

Every 4-H member is also encouraged to give at least one formal presentation during a club meeting each year.

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To learn more about public speaking growth opportunities in Marshall and Putnam counties, email or call 309-364-2356.