"As I flip the page on the calendar from March to April, I find myself just one year away from my fourth decade in the radio business," Cyndi Young-Puyear writes in her latest column.

The president of the Illinois Life and Health Insurance Council is advocating for accessible and affordable health care, collaborating on House Bill 5395, and emphasizing insurance companies' critical role, reflecting a commitment to partnership and policy improvement.

Tom Emery: This weekend, millions of Americans will hit the road, fire up the grill, and swarm to the beaches for the Labor Day weekend. The holiday has evolved dramatically from its origins, which are debated today.

The Illinois Sports Facilities Authority has been a thorn in taxpayers’ side since its late-1980s creation paved the way for junking the original Comiskey Park, and it’s also responsible for the early 2000s Soldier Field renovation that cost nearly $400 million. There’s no way elected officials could stay out of yet another mega-development, which tends to mean using public money to offset the expenses of private companies who will make profits once games are played.

We employ police officers to make tough, sometimes violent, decisions on the street. It’s an important job that can determine whether someone lives or dies. We know from the deaths of George Floyd and others that sometimes officers use lethal force inappropriately.