Lostant students receive academic awards for first quarter

First-quarter academic awards were presented to Lostant CUSD students. Awards were given for excellent grades, good grades, perfect attendance, excellent behavior and accelerated reader. A total of 47 Excellent Behavior certificates were handed out and 52 students reached their AR goals.

Excellent Grades

Kindergarten — Larkin A., Alyssa F., Diane F. and Garrett P.

First grade — Trenton C., Liberty F., Evelyn K. and Quinn R.

Second grade — Blake B., Logan C., Duncan F., Anna F., Claire P., Tyler R. and Zoey R.

Third grade — Lily M.

Fourth grade — Lovelyn B. and Journey M.

Fifth grade — Boston Z.

Sixth grade — Logan M., Jackson M., Claire W. and Ian W.

Seventh grade — Natalie D., Ruby G. and Timber S.

Eighth grade — Mariska B.

Good Grades

Kindergarten — Ireland A., Zelda C., Wyatt F., Owen J., Kingsley J. and Vivian R.

First grade — Leon A., Caleb C., Serenity D. and Ashlynn M.

Second grade — Bianca C. and Molly P.

Third grade — Jeremy C., Kaleb D. and Emma M.

Fourth grade — Blake C., Gunnar H., Cole J. and Piper U.

Sixth grade — Lilly B., Brayden C., Paige K., Avery M., Charley P. Malachi W. and James Z.

Seventh grade — Daniel B., Amilia T. and Sarah W.