Paddling through Putnam

PUTNAM — Jason Tomlinson along with a crew of friends and family recently borrowed an idea for a paddling trip that he hopes to make a yearly tradition.

Tomlinson and friends decided to set up a trip leaving from the shore of Senachwine Lake in Putnam and paddling to Henry boat ramps.

“We got the idea from a group that has a yearly trip leaving from Henry and paddling to Chillicothe. That trip started at 4 a.m. and ended at 2 p.m. which seemed way too long for us,” Tomlinson said of his decision to start with an alternate route for their trip.

“A lot of us have cabins at Walnut Grove Resort so word traveled fast about the trip,” he said. “Social media also helped let people know what we were planning."

Tomlinson said the trip initially started with a group of 10 or so family members and friends, and turned out to be 50-plus by the time they dipped oars in the water.

“We had canoes, kayaks, inflatable kayaks, as well as some homemade boats,” he said. (Shaw Media photographer) Scott Anderson (who ‘s family has a cabin at Walnut Grove) was there taking pictures and had a drone doing flyovers and was able to get shots of the group.”

Tomlinson said the trip was about six miles.

“We had a strong head wind so it took about five hours from start to finish. We had a couple stops planned on the way to rest up a bit and rehydrate. We also had some friends following along in a pontoon and a couple fishing boats just in case we needed anything.”

“It was a fun day that ended back at Walnut Grove where we had a cookout and some live entertainment, Tomlinson said.

“Scott also had a foam machine for the kids, and some of us adults, to enjoy.

“For the little planning we had done it was a great turn out and a fun day for everyone. We plan on making this a yearly event and will make changes I’m sure as we go.”