Update your planters with fall annuals

You’ve been enjoying your planters since spring and now you want to change them up for a fall look. Luckily, doing so is easy. Here are four of the most popular annuals to consider using:

1. Ornamental Kale

This is a fun, tough plant that is also deer and rabbit resistant. This exciting annual starts as a solid-colored plant with big showy leaves that have a bit of a curly ruffle to their edges. As temperatures begin to cool, variations of purple, green, whites, and pink begin to appear adding an array of color changes well into the frosty months.

2. Ornamental Peppers

These will also give you an array of colors as many begin in shades of yellow changing to purples, reds and fiery oranges. Countryside has a variety of perky peppers as well as adorable round peppers in deep purple colors to add a mix of textures to your planters.

3. Pansies

They aren’t just for early spring. These super colorful annuals will be a delightful addition to any container – or in a container all on their own! They love the cool temperatures.

4. Home Grown Mums

These are our most favorite plants at Countryside this time of year. When you want the very best, choose the unmatched quality of Countryside Home Grown Mums. Find early, mid and late blooming varieties in a range of colors and not just a few but 20,000 mums waiting to highlight your home with rich fall tones and beautiful flowers.

“I’ve grown mums before, but now it’s different – they’re ours. I’m proud of it,” said Johannes Pieterse (JP), owner of Countryside Flower Shop, Nursery and Garden Center.

When it comes to which annuals to pick, however, don’t limit yourself to just these four plants. Countryside offers a large variety of different fall flowers and grasses for your planters and flowerbeds. And if you think you need a little guidance, click here for a short video by Michael Fedoran, container guru and greenhouse associate, to see how easy it is.

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