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Letter: Abandoning American’s basic needs


Children were asked to be seen and not heard. Beginning in 2020, children were ordered to be masked, separated, not be heard singing or shouting, and not laugh out loud. Young children carried fear in their eyes put there by joyless adults who lost their sense of purpose and self-respect. Children are floundering in an extremely prejudiced political culture of propaganda and duplicity that makes children tentative and afraid.

The 20th century ended an information age fueled by technological opportunities. The 21st century transformed information into an inquisition. Latent electronic data harvesting ensnares your personal life. Government is condoning, instead of protecting against, big tech and other corporate raiders pursuit of your data and privacy.

Young eyes peering for hours into video screens is killing living “in real life.” Social media and virtual reality indoctrinate an electronic culture of bullies, fanatics and victims that don’t learn how to function “in real life.”

The PC progressives decided that God is a threat to them, and therefore must be eliminated from word and thought. It’s sickening how uncaring progressives make children collateral damage in their twisted ideology against God affirming families. Staunch progressives see the sanctity of a community that puts their family ahead of full compliance to government mandates as a threat. You can feel progressive’s tyrannical fear.

Democratic leadership is so far removed from “in real life” they have abandoned American’s basic needs of safety and economic security. Progressives use Trump hate as their shield to deflect all their failures. Watch how they hate on Trump and you’ll see their cruelty, disdain and fear. The last 20 months of President Biden’s political losing streak is fueled by a prejudiced bureaucracy that favors global idealism over American families.

A family winning streak will be sweeping the nation this fall.

Rick Dime