Letter: Representative Democracy


I have my personal opinion on abortion as well as everyone else does. We are all entitled to our own beliefs. This is not to get into any arguments over my body, my choice or god’s will.

Part of being an elected official is listening to the people of the district, or state that you serve. I personally really don’t care what Gov. JB Pritzker or state Sen. Darren Bailey’s beliefs are. We the people of Illinois should not be subject to live under their personal beliefs. They are elected to serve our interests, not their own, or what they want us to believe their interests are at this moment in time.

Here is a great idea, why not put the question of abortion on the ballot? Let the people of this state make the decision. It is well documented that the elected officials are not representing what the people want.

It is past time that the people of Illinois take back the state from the corruption that is the state of Illinois.

Dave Creighton

Wonder Lake