McHenry County College assigns executive director for new University Center

The director will work as the main contact for students and host universities

McHenry County College in Crystal Lake.

McHenry County College’s University Center will open next fall, but services are ramping up to start this year. With that, the new executive director is positioned to start June 26.

Kailley Harmon, a Bull Valley resident, will fill the position. She comes from working almost 15 years at George Williams College of Aurora University in Wisconsin. Her roles at George Williams included being an assistant vice president of academic services and director of enrollment.

She has a master’s degree in business administration from Aurora University in Aurora.

The University Center executive director will assist with recruitment and enrollment while connecting with the host universities and students, MCC President Clint Gabbard said.

“We sort of feel like we won the personnel lottery with Kailley,” Gabbard said. “She has been doing all of the things that are so essential to making the University Center successful.”

Harmon’s annual salary will be $105,000.

This University Center has absolutely garnered the attention, enthusiasm and excitement of the community.”

—  Clint Gabbard, MCC president

The University Center is expected to open and start hosting classes in the fall. So far, programs from Aurora, Northern Illinois and Southern Illinois universities will be available.

Aurora University is offering classes for this summer and fall in elementary education and social work. Those classes will be hosted in MCC’s main building while University Center construction wraps up.

The host universities chose the programs by popularity of MCC transfer students while also analyzing what programs have been successful at Harper College in Palatine, Gabbard said.

The college is finalizing four more partnerships, including with Roosevelt University and DePaul University.

“Right now, we’re in conversation with about 17 degrees from these various universities,” Gabbard said.

There is a potential for graduate programs to be available in the future, Gabbard said.

“I hear, personally, that there is a tremendous excitement about this,” Gabbard said. “This University Center has absolutely garnered the attention, enthusiasm and excitement of the community.”