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Huntley pollinator garden planted at Parisek Park

A planting crew for new pollinator garden at Parisek Park is photographed. From left to right: Wesley Peete, Karen Hutchings, Dan Ruggles, Scott Crowe, Colin Riley, Alex Gilland, Ben Schnulle, Monique Mahon, and Jason Irving. Irving is Huntley's assistant director of public works and engineering, Mahon and Hutchings are with the Rotary Club of Huntley, and the others are with the Huntley Park District.

A new pollinator garden at Parisek Park in Huntley is on track to attract monarch butterflies, birds, bees and other creatures to pollinate the farmland and gardens that grow local food.

The village of Huntley, Huntley Park District and the Rotary Club of Huntley designed, created and planted the garden and ecosystem east of the Huntley Area Public Library, according to a news release.

The garden is designed to support a variety of species, including plants, animals and fungi, while also providing a variety of beautiful blooms throughout the growing season, the Rotary Club said in the release.

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