Plan to lower speed limit on McHenry County road advances

State Line Road could have a lower speed limit near Route 14

McHenry County Division of Transportation seal.

The McHenry County Board Transportation Committee signed off on one proposed speed limit reduction but also considered two others.

The committee looked at reducing the speed limit on three sections of roads: a stretch of Hickory Nut Grove Lane between South Rawson Bridge Road and Tuxedo Lane near Cary, Lincoln Road between Cassandra Lane and Margaret Court near McHenry and Johnsburg, and a section of State Line Road around where it intersects Route 14 near Harvard.

The committee raised concerns about “drag racing” along Hickory Nut Grove Lane and a sharp curve on the stretch of Lincoln Road but ultimately decided to advance only the State Line Road speed reduction.

If approved by the full board, the speed limit on that stretch of State Line Road would decrease from 55 to 45 mph.

The Lincoln Road and Hickory Nut Grove Lane proposals, had those advanced, were to reduce the limits on both stretches from 45 to 40 mph.

The committee didn’t discuss the State Line Road speed reduction but voted unanimously to send the recommendation to the County Board.

Chemung Township Highway Commissioner Robert Nystrom said trucks drive down State Line Road at fast speeds, and some children live off the road.

He said lowering the speed limits would help keep the children safer, especially during bus drop-off. He also said he’s working with officials in Walworth County, Wisconsin, which the road borders.