Mystery Diner in West Dundee: Bleuroot crafts fare fresh from local farms

Restaurant overlooking Fox River affords great view to pair with food and drinks

A view of the Fox River at Bleuroot in West Dundee.

Located in the bustling area of downtown West Dundee is a restaurant that makes its bones through local farms, serving fresh fare it calls “good food for the soul.”

That restaurant, Bleuroot, has the look of an upscale establishment, and comes with a wide range of foods, including grass-fed meat and organic vegetables. The venue sits right on the Fox River, offering a view that is tough to match. The stunning visual setting is a lovely pairing with your food – and perhaps a drink.

I took a trip out there for dinner on a Thursday with a friend, and was not disappointed by the offerings, nor the quality.

My friend started her meal out with a salad. It was classic, but came with a few extra items, such as watermelon radish and pepperoncini, and was topped with a lemon vinaigrette.

A fresh salad at Bleuroot in West Dundee.

I did not have an appetizer, but did order the crab cakes with a side of sweet potato fries. Both items were on the chef’s choice menu, and after eating them, I understand why. I absolutely recommend them all. The potatoes were delicious, and the crab cakes were as fresh as advertised.

For her main course, my friend selected an item called “NOT Your Mom’s Mac and Cheese,” which came with a bowl of mac, but was topped with multiple cheeses, applewood bacon, tomato, spinach and breadcrumbs. It was another hit at the table.

Fresh crab cakes from Bleuroot paired will with the sweet potato fries.
A side of sweet potato fries from Bleuroot in West Dundee.

Bleuroot offers a wide variety of items, including drinks and desserts. Their food options include beef short ribs ($30), a bison burger ($18), Southwestern chicken breast ($15), steaks, multiple types of pastas and sides, appetizers such as lamb lollipops ($20), and Caprese flatbread ($12). And for soups and salads, you can go the classic route or try a cup of mushroom brie ($6).

Since it is a farm-to-table operation, some items can be scarce, so I recommend you have a couple options in mind when ordering, just in case they are out of a dish.

With its upscale scenery, view of the Fox River, and high quality food drawing from farms around the area, Bleuroot is an appealing place to visit with friends for a tasty meal and conversation.

"NOT Your Mom's Mac & Cheese" lives up to its name, as it's an entree unto itself. Topped with several cheeses, bacon and breadcrumbs, this pasta dish is filling and delightful.

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WHAT: Bleuroot

WHERE: 98 W. Main St., West Dundee

PHONE: 847-844-0047