January 18, 2021

Readers hope for healing, accountability following breach of Capitol Building

‘It is well past time we get back to grassroots movements, bettering our own communities’

After a riot in the US Capitol and members of Congress calling for the 25th amendment and impeachment to be used to remove the President, we asked readers one question: What now for the United States?

Here are some of their responses:

Cheryl Riccio, Oswego: I truly believe the time is NOW for Democrats and Republicans to come together and do what is right for the American people especially now with everything that 2020 had done to cripple the the economy and people’s livelihood, is time to care about the United States citizens and to bring people together and bridge the gap to racism and the police and citizens. God Bless the USA.

Court Schuett, Waterman: It was not “a riot.” It was an insurrection by white supremacists encouraged by Trump. If the answer isn’t justice via prosecutions for the insurgents and Trump administration, and removal of seditious Republican leadership, then their next assault on democracy will be even worse.

Donald Llewellyn, Bartlett: Once Merrick Garland is confirmed as AG, he should appoint a special counsel to specifically review and comment on the specific allegations raised by Trump and others related to the 2020 election - did PA allow votes after the deadline, did signature items match, did a GA election official tell judges to go home but continue counting. Make the report public including the evidence. Transparency goes a long way towards healing.

Trevor Wright, La Salle: It’s time for Trump to move on and for our country to start heading in the right direction again.

Scott Harrison, Amboy: The 25th Amendment is to be used when the president is physically unable to preform his duties. Impeachment is the proper remedy and should be used. There must be consequences for his behavior.

Kyle Hamburg, Joliet: Because of the actions of a few our country has become the laughingstock of the world. Over the past four years, bigotry, racism and sexism have been glorified by a small, but vocal, sector of the population. As a country, we must not tolerate such intolerance. We cannot “go easy” on those who threaten and terrorize anyone. Second, Biden must repair the damage done by Trump. This includes reestablishing relationships with the World Health Organization and joining other countries in protecting humanity, the environment. He must right the wrongs of the Trump Administration. Third, we need to do away with the antiquated Electoral College. There is no need for this stilted system. And we MUST hold our highest officials - including the president - accountable. He cannot be above the law. If a crime is committed in office, we must be allowed to investigate. If the individual is guilty, he or she must be held accountable and punished accordingly.

Melissa Grimshaw, Lostant: Now, we come together as Americans and realize that politicians in Washington don’t care about the people they were elected by to protect their constitutional rights and freedoms. Politicians only care about their own wealth, power, and influence. Neither party should condone mob violence, looting, rioting, or burning. However, it seems that most of the people and politicians who condoned endless months of nationwide chaos, some even calling it “necessary,” have conveniently forgotten that fact as they now try to pin Trump with what happened in DC Jan. 6. Also, the suppression of free speech across social media platforms needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY. It is ludicrous to think it is acceptable for Facebook to permanently ban President Trump from the platform, when the Ayatollah of Iran, who has openly posted calls for hostile attacks against a sitting US president and the genocide of Jews, still has an active and uncensored account. We have, through the conditioning of the government, become a nation divided, who seem to be more concerned about doing what we’re told without question, instead of looking out for each other, taking pride in our nation, and working together to maintain the greatness that this country was built on. It is well past time we get back to grassroots movements, bettering our own communities so that our children are raised in environments that allow them to be a positive force in the world when they move forward as adults. We need to remember the pride of earning something through hard work. We need to place value on faith again. But most importantly, we need to remember to love each other again, not labeling people as red or blue, Republican or Democrat... but coming together as Americans. This country won’t be great again because a politician uses these words as a catch phrase. It will be great again, when we all come together to make it that way.

Pam Machan, Sterling: Remove Trump from office, he is ... a danger to all. Hopefully, Republicans will stop supporting him and finally get back to the business of improving the country.

Lisa Poorman, Minooka: More government, higher taxes, less rights, in more people with their hand out.

Tom Lorinczi, Putnam: Good question. How can we trust any elections in the future to be fair and accurate?

Victor Garland, Amboy: I have never been a fan of President Trump. Back to the days of businessman Trump, and reality star. In college, we studied his unethical business practices, and ever since then I thought of him as a con man. That being said, I’m not sure this late in the game, if invoking the 25th Amendment is worthwhile. Part of me says it needs to happen, so we set forth a pattern of following rules and laws. But another part of me is scared that Pence would pardon him for crimes. I realize states could still go after him for crimes, but federal crimes he could be pardoned for. I’m not sure that’s what the United States needs.