Election 2021: Consolidated Election results in La Salle County

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Note: * denotes unofficial winner(s). Winners will be declared official during certification. This list will be updated throughout the week.

Utica village president: *David Stewart, 441, Tracy Mix, 161

Story: David Stewart grabs second term amid voter surge

Utica trustee (three): *Debra Krizel, 404, *James Schrader, 382, *Mary Pawlak, 397, Chad McConville, 175, Karen Lorenz, 172

Story: Three incumbent village trustees will return

Streator council (two): *Joe Scarbeary, 550, *Matt McMullen, 524, Timothy Geary, 360, Will Price, 225

Story: 1 newcomer, 1 incumbent elected for Streator City Council

Ottawa High School (four): *Laurence Bartman, 1,255, *Karen Fisher, 1,270, *George Shanley, 1,245, *Donald Harris, 1,268, Angel Patterson, 804

Story: Harris, Shanley, Fisher and Bartman win Ottawa High board seats with 21% of vote each

Streator High School (three): *Gary Wargo, 1,030, *Heather Baker, 951, *Rich Tutoky, 798, James Parr, 608

Story: Voters elect 2 new Streator High board members

Earlville mayor: Michael Hall, 114, *Mark Actis, 119

Story: Mark Actis holds narrow lead against Hall to become next Earlville mayor

Grand Ridge mayor: Mervin Eutis, 37, *Kay Hines, 88, Robert Buckley, 78

Naplate trustee (two): *Joshua Rudnicky, 44, *Ross Sarti, 41, Dwayne Davis, 18

Sheridan village president: *Jay Waldvogel, 112, Marlene Woodward, 62

Story: Waldvogel bests Woodward for Sheridan village president seat

Sheridan trustee (three): *Jeff Wilhelm, 121, *Shelly Figgins, 89, *Darin Naggs, 84, Peggy Arneson, 74, Michael Mott, 36

Story: Wilhelm, Figgins and Naggs hold leads for 3 trustee seats

Peru mayor: *Ken Kolowski, 1,485, Scott Harl, 1,394

Story: Tuesday’s results peg Ken Kolowski as next Peru mayor

Lostant school board (four): *Nicole Kozak 166, *Kelly Lynn Wiesbrock 157, *Robert Lawless 148, *Shayla Chambers 127, Gregory Walder 85.

Mendota Elementary School board (two): *Holli Rapp 458, *Amanda Coss 369, Tim Pohl 346, Elizabeth Zinke 256, Sean Pappas 234.

Waltham Elementary School Board (four): *James McCabe, 345, *Nicole Mertes, 469, *Allison Nichols, 401, Jason Depenbrock, 285, *Brian Phillips, 366

Bruce Township supervisor: *Robert Lucas 385, Steve Biroschik 318, Eric Gwaltney 248

Bruce Township trustee (four): *Randy Baumrucker 622, *Chad Winterrowd 545, *Henry Araujo 536, *Margaret Kreier 508, Scott Orban 468.

Ottawa Township supervisor: *Jackie Timm 403, Todd Volker 208.

South Ottawa Township supervisor: *Gregg Olson 300, Karl Lengfelder 217.

South Ottawa Township trustee (four): *Mary Wiesbrock 297, *Matt Skelly 281, *Scott Munks 261, *Nicholas Allegretti 225, Wilbur Zeal 224, Danielle Jackson 218.

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