Westmont’s D Cuisine is Welcome Reprieve in Chinese Cuisine

Westmont Chamber of Commerce - Westmont’s D Cuisine is Welcome Reprieve in Chinese Cuisine

There’s no need to travel across the globe or over to Chinatown to enjoy authentic Chinese food; D Cuisine in the heart of Westmont is a destination in itself. Specializing in artisan dim sum, this is the epitome of approachable fine Chinese dining.

“The key is we make our dim sum fresh. Our chefs hand make every single one of them,” owner Danny Fang enthused.

Open in the western suburbs since the Fall of 2023, this is their second location and it’s clear D Cuisine has mastered their craft. The extensive menu ensures there’s something for everyone. Signature dishes include live seafood: lobster, crab, and big mouth bass. However, we quickly realized every bite is better than the last. You can’t go wrong with anything.

Diners can pursue the traditional dim sum route in ordering many small plates, or couple them with generously-portioned entrees. Fang says either approach is best enjoyed with D Cuisine’s signature jasmine tea in the company of family and friends. This is the perfect spot for all occasions: date night, family dining, and everything in between.

“The best part is people are kind here and love our food. The reason we chose Westmont is we want to show people here our authentic Chinese food,” said Fang.

And show they did. I have not tasted such delicious, fresh Chinese food since flying all the way to China back in college. The variety of menu offerings is vast; you could dine here countless times and always enjoy something new. Most, if not every, delectable bite is homemade, bursting with flavor via their precise Hong Kong cooking style rather than the overly-fried or starchy taste many of their counterparts offer.

The dim sum experience allows diners to try a little of everything, which is highly advised, because there’s no shortage of options to choose from. We opted for a dealer’s choice dinner, indulging in manager Bill’s suggestions rather than our own. Happy to report he did not lead us astray!

We started with traditional steamed buns, opting for the siu mai, a blend of shrimp and pork, the shrimp and soup (pork) dumplings. These were a delicious, warm and fluffy start to the meal, thanks to the white dough exterior filled with meat inside. Each arrived served in bamboo steamers, all paired well with D Cuisine’s homemade sauces: peach sweet and sour, vinegar, and chili oil. We enjoy a bit of heat with our meals, so the chili oil hit the spot! The lightly-fried shrimp rolls rounded out our starters. They’re approachable for all palettes, enhanced with the unique sweet and sour sauce. Its peach flavor provides a vibrant experience for your taste buds. My mouth is salivating just thinking of it.

We were blown away by the soft shell crab dish. Deep fried quickly, Hong Kong style, it’s coupled with minced chicken, garlic, jalapeño, lettuce, and rice. Each light bite bursts with unique flavors that had us clamoring for more. This juxtaposition is a welcome reprieve from the heaviness other fried foods are known for. A cut above the rest!

D Cuisine’s minced beef and wild rice served with lettuce wraps and xo sauce also can’t be overlooked. The lettuce’s crunch offers a smart contrast to the warm rice and beef. Don’t underestimate this dish; we’re still talking about its smart flavors.

We couldn’t leave without ordering another seafood dish. Carp wouldn’t often be my first choice, but I always trust the recommendations of pros. Case in point here. Served with grilled vegetables, its sauce pulls the entire dish together with zesty flavors. Generous servings allowed us to enjoy leftovers, which is never a problem in my book.

I’ll always argue no dinner is complete without dessert. The same is true here; don’t shortchange yourself. We left little more than crumbs of the egg tart, its flaky butter crust airy and fluffy. I’m still dreaming of the creamy egg yolk bun’s sweet molten center with egg yolk custard.

While their cuisine is unparalleled, the ambiance also can’t be overlooked. Landing on a restaurant that offers an atmosphere rivaling the menu itself can be a rare find. D Cuisine is a hidden gem, excelling in both. The spacious building’s remodel features sleek, modern finishes, all of which are inviting, elevating the dining experience exponentially. Cozy booths, sleek chairs, and stunning stone tables allow patrons to enjoy fine dining at an affordable price point. Diners will also love the views of lush landscaping courtesy of an abundance of windows throughout. Many oversized tables allow for ideal group dining, too (the best way to try a bit of everything!).

There’s even a large room available for private events, which can accommodate up to 90 guests.

We loved the statement piece in D Cuisine’s bar, which is a focal point upon entry. More importantly, an oversized window near the front of the restaurant allows a view into their spotless kitchen, clearly running like a well-oiled machine. We dined on a Monday afternoon and there were quite a few other patrons enjoying their meals simultaneously, yet everything ran smoothly. All dishes are served hot, clearly freshly made, along with a smile on the servers’ faces. Hospitality abounds here, courtesy of manager Bill and the other staff, all of whom are welcoming and attentive, making for a seamless dining experience.

The menu’s abundance ensures we’ll be back to try a few of our favorites plus something new, sooner rather than later. I’d advise dining in for the full experience, but there’s no doubt D Cuisine is also worthy of carry-out. Enjoy 20% off happy hour specials Monday through Friday, too.

Continue dining around the world in the heart of Westmont. Open seven days a week, D Cuisine is nestled right off Ogden Avenue and Route 83 in the International Plaza, easily accessible with an abundance of parking. Clearly, this is a must eat! It doesn’t get much better than this!

D Cuisine is located at 665 S. Pasquinelli Drive, Westmont, IL 60559.


(630) 819-3492

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