3 Tips For Organizing End Of Life Documents

Adolf Funeral Home - 3 Tips For Organizing End Of Life Documents

One gift you can give your family is to have your end of life documents organized in advance of your death. When the time comes, they will be grateful for your assistance in creating the paperwork necessary for settling your estate. If you haven’t started this task, here are 3 tips for organizing your end of life documents:

1. Create a file to hold your legal documents for your survivors. “Organize your life insurance policies, bank account information, investment and retirement account information, auto titles, home titles and mortgage loan information, and credit card account information,” said John Adolf, Director of Adolf Funeral Services. “If you’re a veteran, include the DD214 (honorable discharge) form. Have them in order and easy to locate.”

2. Discuss with your family and a trusted funeral director how you’d like to be honored and remembered. “Organizing statistical and personal information will be extremely important to your survivors,” added Adolf. “The more details you provide will help alleviate stress on your family and provide a personal guideline for them to follow.”

3. Retain a local attorney with a good reputation in the community. “Discuss creating a Will, a Trust, a Power of Attorney for Property, and a Power of Attorney for Healthcare,” said Adolf. “Your attorney will help you develop a plan for your estate, regardless of the amount of money and assets you’ve accumulated. Estate laws can differ in each state; this is relevant if you change your primary legal residence. A Living Will or healthcare directive will indicate your wishes regarding life-prolonging procedures in case you become unable to communicate them.”

In addition to the other documents in your file, include contact information for your attorney, additional loan documents, health insurance policies, safety deposit box keys, and direct withdrawal information. Include a copy of your birth certificate, social security card, and driver’s license, along with anything else you think would be helpful.

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