3 Things to Know About Transferring In or Out of Community College

A community college education is a valuable part of an academic plan. Not only are significant cost savings involved, but students can try a variety of courses at an affordable rate to help them discover the academic path they’d like to pursue. Here are 3 things to know about transferring in or out of community college:

1. Students transfer for various reasons. “At Morton College, some students transfer in to complete their associate degree and then transfer back to complete their bachelor’s degree at a four-year university,” explained Rodolfo Yañez, Student Success Coach at Morton College. “Other students may transfer to MC to join a specific career program, like Nursing. Students can even transfer to another Illinois Community Colleges school under our Joint Education Agreement, which allows students to attend an out-of-district school while paying in-district tuition.”

2. Research shows that community college students who finish their associate degree program continue on to complete their bachelor’s program at a much higher rate than students who transfer in with college credits and no degree. “It’s vital for students to research the institution they plan to transfer to,” added Yañez. “Attending a school that is a good fit goes a long way towards being successful.”

3. Community college students need to plan financially for a transfer to a four-year university. “At Morton College, we offer a comprehensive program of advising services,” said Yañez. “Our team of Student Success Coaches assists students with academic advising, educational planning, and determining college and university transfer requirements.”

Yañez recommends that students get involved in extracurricular activities to add to their experiences and help build their resumé. “It’s also smart to befriend their college professors, because one day they’ll need a good letter of recommendation,” he said. “Morton College is a great place to earn an associate degree before transferring to a four-year university.”

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