Should I get another pet?

Is getting another furry friend in your future? While pets can be a wonderful addition to any household, it’s still a big decision. Here are four things to consider before becoming a multi-pet household:

1. Your budget

A new pet will come with its own expenses and responsibility. Take a look at your budget and make sure it can accommodate regular veterinary examinations, costs for spaying or neutering, food, necessities, training, grooming, and unexpected emergencies.

2. Your other pet

It may take awhile for your furry friend to adjust to its new home and its inhabitants. And your resident pet may not initially be welcoming to the newcomer. An older dog, for instance, can be easily overwhelmed by puppy energy. Cats can be territorial so adding a new one to the household should be done slowly to prevent confrontations. To that end, pet parents should make sure they have enough time to properly socialize their dog or cat to other pets in order to make that transition a smooth one.

3. Your family

Adding a second furry companion to the family will be a big change. While it can double the fun, it also doubles the amount of walking, feeding, training, playing, and cleaning up that’s needed. Make sure all the members of your household are ready to take on the extra workload set to come with the new pet.

4. Your space

Is there enough room for another dog to run and play? Depending on the breed, space may need to be a consideration. If your home is already feeling cramped, it may not be the right time to add a second pet to the family.

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