Going in Another Direction for Long-Term Care Planning?

By the time you are 40 years old, you have likely thought about how you will address the financial costs and burdens of Long-Term Care, aging and health.

Most people understand the need for long-term care services and supports, but often they think it will happen to someone else – not to them.

“People see their neighbors needing long-term care, but not themselves. Everyone is pointing at each other. The reality is we all need to have some plan in place prior to retirement,” said Matt McCann, a national known expert and speaker on long-term care planning and insurance.

McCann says too many people decide to avoid buying a policy and look at alternate options for their future. The fact is you have only a few choices to plan for long-term care. You can buy affordable Long-Term Care Insurance, self-insure and pay for care yourself, or put all the burden of caregiving on family members.

“Health insurance, Medicare and supplements will only pay for a small amount of skilled services, so it is not the solution. Medicaid, the medical welfare program, will only pay if you are poor. There really is only one logical and affordable solution – Long-Term Care Insurance,” McCann said.

McCann says today’s Long-Term Care Insurance is not only affordable, but rate stable. His clients have peace-of-mind knowing they will never stress or burden their family as they safeguard savings.

McCann helps people nationwide with his unique process where they speak with him on the phone while seeing his computer screen on their computer. He recommends these reference websites for research:

LTC News offers articles and resources: www.ltcnews.com

US Department of Health and Human Services: https://longtermcare.acl.gov/

Free Long-Term Care Insurance Quotes: https://takechargeltc.com/

McCann’s website also features numerous resources, so consumers can learn more about long-term care planning.

McCann Insurance Services: 866.751.7957: www.mccannltc.net