3 Things to Know About Morton College’s Financial Aid Alternatives

The coronavirus pandemic is continuing to affect college students’ financial situations.   Many who were working lost some or all of their income during the shutdown, creating huge financial burdens.   While some students received emergency federal grants, not all were as lucky.   Morton College assisted many of their students through an Emergency Scholarship last spring, and also reduced some student fees for the Fall 2020 term.   Here are 3 things to know about Morton College’s financial aid alternatives:

1.   Students should apply as early as possible.   “Applying early is important, and students should link their financial information to the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid,” explained Carissa Davis, Director of Financial Aid for Morton College.   “While the FAFSA isn’t required, students should complete it to see which grants and loan options are available to them, especially students who are not eligible for grants.   Federal Direct Loans are the best, because they don’t require a credit check, and they offer tax rebates and other incentives that private loans don’t offer.   The new FAFSA is now available online.”

2.   The 2020/2021 FAFSA is still available.   “There is still time to apply for the spring 2021 term to increase your employability,” added Davis.   “Morton College has a number of career-centered certificates to help jump start a new career.   Taking advantage of our programs and available funds will help redefine students’ skill sets for this new uncertain economy and ever-changing job market.”

3.   The RISE (Retention of Illinois Students & Equity) Act allows eligible undocumented students and transgender students who are disqualified from federal financial aid to apply for all forms of state financial aid.   “The Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid provides a pathway for qualified students to apply for MAP (Monetary Award Program) grants, the state’s largest need-based grant program for low-income college students,” said Davis.

For additional financial aid information, visit www.isac.org and https://studentaid.gov/.

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