Deer crashes through window of nursing home in Westmont

A deer tried to get into the showroom at a Westmont auto dealership Wednesday morning, then jumped through the window of a nearby nursing home, injuring one person, police said.

Security camera footage that McGrath Lexus, 500 E. Ogden Ave., provided to ABC 7 Chicago showed a young buck galloping across the parking lot, then charging the showroom building.

“I thought some of our signs fell down or one of the plants over here, or something like that, but definitely didn’t think it was a deer trying to get into the building, that’s for sure,” General Sales Manager Greg Luzinski told ABC 7.

Authorities said the deer then crashed through a window at the Westmont Manor Health and Rehab Center on 512 E. Ogden Ave.

The deer ran down the hallway and collided with at least one employee and one resident before exiting through the back door, police said.

The employee sustained a minor arm injury and later requested a trip to the hospital.

The deer has not been found.

Westmont police said that male deer can act aggressively during mating season.

Jonah Nink

Jonah Nink is a contributor to Shaw Local