May 27, 2022


Kendall County marriage licenses

Kyle M. Jensen, of Sugar Grove, and Erin T. Heraty, of Elmhurst

Steven R. Mehring and Allison L. Loehmann, both of Yorkville

Raymond F. Ulatowski III and Lindsay L. Cummings, both of Meridan

Nicholas J.B. Leannah and Hayley M. Farren, both of Marseilles

Robert M. Hunter and Natalie A. Schaefer, both of Naperville

Michael J. Maly and Rebecca Lynn Walz, both of Plano

Brandon M. Sheelor and Amanda J. Bartlett, both of Big Rock

Christopher L. Kelleher and Sarah R. Albright, both of Joliet

Ryan E. Domingue and Melissa M. Flasza, both of Yorkville

Ryan J. Murphy and Alyssa C. Mok, both of Sugar Grove

Luke E. Jarvie and Gina M. Stone, both of Berkeley

Cody A. Nebel and Andrea G. Acuna Ortiz, both of Plano

Christopher B. Gorski, of Naperville, and Mikala A. Dougherty, of Yorkville

Raymond M. Packer and Jenna R. Richardson, both of Kimberly, WI

Terry N. Heap and Jacqueline L. Sumner, both of Oswego

Matthew T. Markovich, of Sycamore, and Taylor L. Price, of Colona

Javier Lopez-Rosado and Jamie V. Ferraro, both of Minooka

Zachary T. Durham and Diana J. Kijak, both of Earlville

John R. Roth, of Oswego, and Tanya M. Wilhelm, of Streamwood

Michael A. Hamilton and Vanessa G. Reyna, both of Plainfield

Daniel J. Capici and Ana R. Cardenas, both of Aurora

Michael J. Phillips and Colleen A. Sheridan, both of Plano

Jose A. Rodriguez and Madison R. Throneburg, both of Oswego

Jeffrey S. Jones and Tammy M. Studnicka, both of Forest Park

Dmitri Gabryszak and Julie L. Carlock, both of Joliet

Virak Hem and Melissa V. Eymann, both of Batavia

Kyle D. Hanson and Candice L. Ziebart, both of Homewood

Max Nerison, of Oswego, and Ashley T. Gilpin, of West Chicago

Ryan S. Goldsmith and Kelly J. Becker, both of Plano

Aaron C. Laughlin and Alyson N. Schmidt, both of Batavia

Taylor Austin Foote and Ashley Lauren Downs, both of Lisle

Asibayo K. Whitfield and Kylee S. Bogdan, both of Plano

Preston H. Gaspar and Lizzette E. Miller, both of Oswego

Dante Galloway and Jazell M. Smith, both of Oswego

Jose Gonzalez, of Yorkville, and Alicia Rocha, of Aurora