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Contractors now replacing water meters in Boulder Hill subdivision

Village of Montgomery project intended to reduce water waste

United Meters, Inc. began replacing water meters in the unincorporated Boulder Hill subdivision Thursday, Dec. 2 as part of the village of Montgomery’s “Streamline Montgomery” three-phase water plan of action.

The campaign includes water meter replacement, monthly water billing beginning January of 2022, and selecting an alternate water source option for the future of the village.

At a meeting Aug. 23, the village board awarded a contract to United Meters, Inc. (UMI) to replace approximately 4,100 meters over the next four years. The first phase of this plan includes 1,200 water meters up for replacement in the Boulder Hill subdivision. The three subsequent years will consist of another 3,000 new meters to update all water meter technology before the spring of 2025.

The village’s public works and water utility billing teams have been working to increase accuracy further and reduce water waste. Water waste or water loss is often due to aging infrastructure or pipes, system leaks, or household plumbing issues. In the first phase of Streamline Montgomery, the team has committed to working towards water meter installation throughout the service area and the village. Currently, 30% of homes have already received a new water meter at no additional cost to the customer.

United Meters, Inc. (UMI) will be working on the first batch of meters in the village, and they hope to wrap up phase 1 by April of 2022. Homes included in the first phase will receive an introduction letter, phone call, or visit from UMI to make an appointment for their water meter replacement. All contracted employees of UMI will submit to a background check process through the Montgomery Police Department.

Water meter replacement is a required service provided by the village and will be free to water utility customers. Residents are encouraged to sign up early.

Residents who do not comply will receive follow-up letters, and ultimately water service will be shut off to the homes that do not take steps to have their meters replaced during the designated time frame. UMI will offer a variety of appointment times, including Saturdays. The estimated time to replace the meter is less than one hour. The village expects completion of the first section of Boulder Hill (1,200 homes) by April of 2022. The remainder of the Boulder Hill subdivision will be complete between the fall of 2022 and the spring of 2023.

Questions can be directed to Tom Kopanski at tkopanski@montgomeryil.org or by phone at 331-212-9042. Additional information about Streamline Montgomery and the various phases is available online at MontomgeryIL.org.