Sandwich High School seniors honored during May 19 awards night

Sandwich High School hosted its annual Senior Honors Awards Night on May 19. The SHS seniors were recognized for their many achievements and accomplishments.

Thomas Sodaro, SHS principal, welcomed the attendants and announced the perfect attendance award. The student with perfect attendance for all four years of high school was Garrett Peterson.

Laura Edwards, assistant director of Indian Valley Vocational Center, recognized IVVC Technical Honor Society students Daria Andrew, Alex Arns, Nevada Beatty, Carey Coakley, Sadie Diehl, Paula Ferrer, Hunter Franklin, Caleb Gomes, Jamie Larson, Kyle Lohmar, Logan Lohmar, Jayden McCulskie-Green, Catrina Mitchell, Logan S. Nelson, Josie Ness, Hailey Pfaff, Gabriel Prado, Serenity Stevens and Andrew Szafranski.

Sodaro announced the scholastic awards, which were presented by Sandwich School District 430 Superintendent Rick Schmitt to the following students for maintaining a 3.6 cumulative GPA or higher for all four years (through seven semesters) at Sandwich High School:

Steve Aguilar, Alicia Beckwith, Zachary Bonneau, Emma Burnell, Emily Byram, Myah Casey, Paige Ciceraro, Ashlyn Clancy, Sadie Diehl, Grace Donahue, Paula Ferrer, Erik Gottlieb, Jacob Heilemeier, Noah Klossing, Elizabeth LaBolle, Jamie Larson, Kamryn Leonard, Kyle Lohmar, Logan Lohmar, Jayden McCulskie-Green, Josie Ness, Hailey Pfaff, Hanna Reedy, Claire Roberts, Peyton Rogers, Morgan Ross, Brock Sissom, Amanda Stacks, Serenity Stevens, Aidan Sullivan, Cassandra Weber, Ethan Weeks, Kaydence Wendt and Hannah Zieman.

The following students were recognized for maintaining a 3.2 cumulative GPA or higher for all 4 years (through seven semesters) at Sandwich High School: Sawyer Allen, Alex Arns, Julie Baez, Payton Budds, Emily Carlson, Carey Coakley, Sophia Datoli, Jaiden Farley, Hunter Franklin, Caleb Gomes, Raven Hanson, Blake Hilt, Kathryn Howell, Ian Kelson, Jordan Mauer, Nathan McGill, Adrian Mendoza, Catrina Mitchell, Seth Mitchell, Madelyn Morganegg, Logan Scott Nelson, Edwin Perez, Nickolas Perry, Garrett Peterson, Gabriel Prado, Ryan Pruski, Nolan Reilly, Jaden Somlock, Drew Theurer, Matthew Vega, Collette Wilmsen, Riley Wolf and Alexis Young.

Illinois State Scholars are selected by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission based on ACT/SAT scores, GPA and class rank at the end of the sixth semester of high school. The following SHS seniors were selected for this honor: Steve Aguilar, Zachary Bonneau, Paige Ciceraro, Ashlyn Clancy, Grace Donahue, Erik Gottlieb, Jacob Heilemeier, Elizabeth LaBolle, Hailey Pfaff, Ryan Pruski and Hannah Zieman.

Mrs. Jennifer Docherty announced the following list of recognition awards: Sons of the American Revolution Outstanding Citizenship Award, Morgan Ross; Daughters of the American Revolution Outstanding Citizenship Award, Erik Gottlieb.

The high school department chairs at the high school have an opportunity to present an outstanding student award in their individual department. Listed are the departments and recipients of those awards.

Art: Ian Kelson

Band (John Philip Sousa Award): Zachary Bonneau

National Choral Award: Kaydence Wendt

Career & Technical Education: Aidan Sullivan

English: Alicia Beckwith

Foreign Language: Michael Marrs

Math: Zachary Bonneau

Physical Education: Noah Klossing

Engineering: Zachary Bonneau

Science: Hannah Zieman

Social Studies: Erik Gottlieb

Speech and Drama: Kaydence Wendt

Many local scholarships were awarded to SHS seniors. The following is a list of scholarships and the recipients:

• Lucile Gustafson Scholarship: Paula Ferrer, Jamie Larson & Morgan Ross

• Ben C. Eade Memorial Scholarship: Garrett Peterson & Jacob Heilemeier

• First National Bank Grant: Garrett Peterson

• First National Bank Spirit Scholarship: Jacob Heilemeier

• Rotary Raymond Larsen Scholarship: Jayden McCulskie-Green

• Rotary Foreign Language Scholarship: Jacob Heilemeier

• Sandwich Area Chamber of Commerce Young Leader Scholarship: Ashlyn Clancy

• Harry and Lucille Cortright Memorial Scholarship: Steve Aguilar

• Sandwich Education Foundation Scholarship: Jacob Heilemeier

• Joe Myers Courage Scholarship: Josie Ness

• Jeff Hoyt Memorial Scholarship: Jacob Heilemeier

• Gil Morrison Memorial Scholarship: Alicia Beckwith, Ashlyn Clancy, Jacob Heilemeier & Jayden McCulskie-Green

• Jacob Gordon Scholarship: Zachary Bonneau & Kaydence Wendt

• Madison Mall Memorial Scholarship: Riley Wolf

• Lions Club/Lou Brady Memorial Scholarship: Ashlyn Clancy & Jacob Heilemeier

• Masonic Lodge Scholarship: Garrett Peterson

• SCTA Memorial Scholarship: Jacob Heilemeier, Josie Ness & Garrett Peterson

• Sandwich Sports Boosters Scholarship: Alicia Beckwith & Jacob Heilemeier

The following athletic awards were presented by athletic director Tim Gipe. Four-year, three-sport athletic awards were awarded to Alicia Beckwith, Ashlyn Clancy, Grace Donahue, Jacob Heilemeier, Claire Roberts and Bailey Sherman. Female and male athletes of the year will be announced at a later date.