Oswego School District data shows increase in student COVID-19 cases over the past week

29 cases reported among students, up from 13 the week of Oct. 11-17

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 cases among Oswego School District 308 students increased over the past week.

According to data provided by the district, a total of 29 students reported testing positive for the virus the week of Oct. 18-24, 16 more than the 13 cases reported among students for the week of Oct. 11-17.

Of the 29 student COVID-19 cases, the district reported that 15 were in the following elementary schools: Four at Prairie Point in Oswego, three at Lakewood Creek in Montgomery, three at Hunt Club in Oswego, two at Long Beach in Boulder Hill, one at Fox Chase in Oswego, one at Boulder Hill in Boulder Hill, and one at The Wheatlands in Aurora.

The district reported three COVID-19 cases among students at the junior high school level, including two at Traughber in Oswego and one at Bednarcik in Aurora.

A total of 11 COVID-19 cases were reported by the district at the high school level ,including 10 at Oswego High School and one at Oswego East High School.

In addition, the number of students reported in exclusion due to COVID-19 increased over the past week to 72, double the 36 reported as in exclusion the week of Oct. 11-17. The district defines “exclusion” as students and staff who are a close contact to a known case of COVID-19, closer than three feet with masks in school or six feet apart without a mask or exposure not based in school for a total of 15 minutes or longer in a 24 hour period. Symptomatic individuals are not included in exclusion metrics, unless they test positive or are named as a close contact.

In a related matter, the district reported that none of its staff members had been confirmed as having COVID-19 over the past week, while just two staff members were reported as in exclusion, one at Fox Chase Elementary School and the other at Traugbher Junior high School.