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Book run winners announced at ABATE post party

Open Roads ABATE of IL Chapter sponsored a summer book run which consisted of 60 businesses of bike dealers, bars/grills and places of interest with most businesses located between Route 47 and the Mississippi River and I-80 to the Wisconsin border. The object is for participants to travel and patronize all the businesses, get the books stamped and then attend the Oct. 2 post party where the winners were drawn.

Fourteen people were presented patches for collecting stamps from every business in the book, including Diana Gifford, Rob Halvax, Steve Gilbreth, Dan Kleckner, Jim DeBoer, Jeff McCully, Shane Bice, Fred Chaffer, Diana Rebechini, Tracey Supan, Dan Kazmer, Frank Lorang, Linda and Cliff Oleson. Cash prizes included $300 to Rob Halvax for third place, $400 to Fred Chaffer for second place and $700 to Patti Smith for first place.

For information on the 2022 summer book run, call Linda at 630-552-3828.