Stroke Prevention for Seniors

Heritage Woods of Batavia - Stroke Prevention for Seniors

As we get older, the risk of certain diseases and ailments increases – including the risk of stroke. The risk also increases if you’ve had a parent or close relative with a history of strokes. While we can’t turn back the clock or alter our family medical history, there are other factors for stroke that are within our control – and can help prevent them from occurring.

Watch Your Weight

Obesity, or even being slightly overweight, is a direct link to heart disease, diabetes, and other complications, including stroke. Maintaining a healthy weight helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

Limiting the salt and sugar in your diet has a profound effect on overall health. Eating just one more serving of fresh fruit and vegetables per day can stave off bad cravings and give your body an extra jolt of crucial nutrition. Maintaining a diet high in protein and low in bad carbohydrates is a good baseline to immediately improve your diet.

A good exercise routine also has proven health benefits. Exercising regularly lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, helps with weight control, and increases cardiovascular strength. This can help minimize the risk of stroke significantly.

Remove Bad Habits

Another key to improving health and helping prevent the risk of stroke is to eliminate bad habits. This includes quitting the use of tobacco, drinking alcohol only in moderation, and avoiding sugary or salty snacks like sweets, chips, or other processed foods.

Some of these healthy habits may seem a bit challenging for seniors to begin or continue on their own, but this is just one way a supportive living community like Heritage Woods of Batavia can be helpful. With healthy meals and snacks available throughout the day, plus exercise programs and engaging activities, seniors can be proactive in preventing many health complications, including stroke.

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