Risks of Pneumonia in Seniors

Pneumonia is a common but serious infection of the lungs which can affect people of all ages.

The infection swells the air sacs in the lung tissue, causing symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough, fever, chills, and aches. Pneumonia is typically caused by a variety of germs, or a bacterial or fungal infection.

Pneumonia’s seriousness can vary but for those 65 and older or with weakened immune systems, this infection can be a serious threat, and it can increase the risk for further complications and even hospitalization.

As we get older, we become more susceptible to illnesses. This can cause pneumonia to progress quickly and lead to other serious health issues.

The primary goal of treating pneumonia is to eliminate the infection while reducing the symptoms in the process.

Early detection and monitoring of the symptoms are crucial in getting ahead of pneumonia and attacking it before it progresses too far. For seniors in a supportive living community like Heritage Woods of Batavia, this is where the ongoing health monitoring services that the community provides can be so helpful.

With assistance for daily living activities and assessments from the staff of certified nursing assistants, many potential health issues such as pneumonia can be determined and addressed right away.

Additionally, residents in a supportive living community can also get assistance with other daily tasks such as bathing, practicing good hygiene, medication, and maintaining a healthy diet. These are all key to preventing pneumonia and other illnesses.

Seniors are at a higher risk for pneumonia, but with early detection and available help, it can be treated more thoroughly. These are just a few ways a supportive living community can help to identify and minimize the dangers that pneumonia presents.

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