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Norris Recreation Center Offers Indoor Rowing Sessions

Staying active is a key component to a healthy lifestyle. Indoor rowing offers individuals a chance to not only build strength but endurance and cardiovascular health all at the same time, no matter the weather.

The St. Charles Park District is offering coach-led rowing sessions at Norris Recreation Center so those interested can explore the effective, high-intensity activity that works 87 percent of the body’s muscles. Community members can opt for one or as many as ten sessions with a certified coach, during which time they will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals as they use the equipment to engage their upper body, lower body and core muscles.

Coach Amy Seebeck is a skilled rower, having completed her US Rowing Level I and Concept2 Indoor Rowing certifications. Such certifications ensure coaches have met the coursework and training requirements necessary to provide a safe and effective rowing experience to participants.

Seebeck came to the sport as an adult, learning to row on the Fox River. It was something she knew, from the very beginning, was for her and she’s been “rowing recreationally, competitively and passionately ever since.”

As a coach, Seebeck sees participants of varied fitness levels and backgrounds.

“Rowing is for everyone—all ages and fitness levels, including adaptive,” she said. “We see people just starting their fitness journey who find it very accessible, and we see people who enjoy intense fitness activities, such as running, who can no longer comfortably participate in the activity. Rowing has no impact on the joints so people do it through all stages of life.”

Hour-long private sessions are interval-based. Clients row for a set number of minutes with breaks between drills.

“Every session is geared to reach an individual at their level of fitness,” Seebeck said.

Seebeck also ensures those who sign up for sessions are using the correct form and proper techniques.

“You definitely run the risk of injury if you’re doing it wrong, and you will absolutely maximize all of the benefits if you’re doing it right,” she said.

Norris Recreation Center is a family-friendly community center that features a fitness center complete with a nationally-certified personal training team, offers a variety of group fitness classes, boasts an all-inclusive tennis program, and provides a quality, Olympic-sized aquatics facility for swim lessons, lap/open swim and a competitive swim team.

To sign up for an indoor rowing session or learn more about membership options, visit the Guest Services desk in the lobby. Norris Recreation Center is located at 1500 Dunham Road.