St. Charles Park District: When it snows, St. Charles parks are the places to go!


You either love it or hate it. But if you consider yourself among the former, there’s good news. Thanks to the St. Charles Park District, there’s a whole world brimming with winter wonders that can help those seasonal blues slip-slide away.

Slip-sliding is pretty much the name of the game when it comes to winter fun. From sledding to skating and skiing, there’s sure to be a winter activity designed to get you out and about.

Strap on a pair of blades and head over one of the park district’s three outdoor ice skating rinks. Open daily when weather and ice conditions permit, the rinks are located at Davis Park, Lincoln Park and Langum Park. Davis and Lincoln parks are maintained for skating use, and Langum Park is set up for ice hockey action. Skating at these rinks is free of charge, but guests are encouraged to skate only when each rink is officially designated as open for use. Skaters can access up to date openings and closures on the district’s rainout line, available at Check out the website or sign up for email or text alerts.

If skating’s not your thing, then cross country skiing might be a good alternative. Skis are a great resource for runners and distance walkers who aren’t going to let a little thing like a snow fall keep them indoors. Once the white stuff falls, all of the park district’s miles and miles of walking and biking trails are magically transformed into ideal cross-country ski trails. Sliding over these snow-covered trails shows familiar landscape in a new perspective.

But what would winter be without some good, old-fashioned sledding? But no worries -- you don’t need a vintage Flexible Flyer (possibly named “Rosebud”) to have a good time. Aluminum discs, plastic trays – even a hefty sheet of cardboard will do in a pinch. There are great hills at both Timber Trails Park and Langum Park, facing Route 25.

With all these outdoor opportunities, this might be the year you turn from a weather wimp to a winter warrior. Let it snow!