Hampshire High School switches to remote-only due to COVID-19 spread

Hampshire High School will close for two weeks to fight the spread of COVID-19.

The school announced on Friday the Kane County Health Department put it on “adaptive pause.”

Students will not be allowed on campus from Tuesday through Oct. 22, according to a notice from the school. Instruction will be conducted remotely.

Only immediate relatives of football players and marching band members will be allowed to attend tonight’s football games.

According to the health department, as of Sept. 28, the high school had 37 positive COVID-19 cases.

Sports practices and games will be allowed to continue. Those in high-risk sports - football, volleyball and soccer - will need to take COVID-19 tests before each practice and game.

Athletes on other teams will only have to test if they take a bus to their event.

The district is examining options for rescheduling PSAT tests that are scheduled for Wednesday.

It is also determining whether other student activities, including fine-arts events, will be rescheduled or held virtually.