Former Ugaste campaign chair endorses opponent Democrat Robertson in Illinois’ 65th Dist. race

Marston: ‘Linda Robertson is the better candidate’

Linda Robertson is a St. Charles Democrat who filed nominating papers to run against incumbent Daniel Ugaste, R-Geneva, to represent the state’s 65th District.

ST. CHARLES – Greg Marston, the former chairman of Citizens for Dan Ugaste, has endorsed the Republican incumbent’s opponent, Democrat Linda Robertson, for state representative in District 65 in the Nov. 8 general election, officials announced in a news release.

Ugaste, of Geneva, is an attorney seeking his third term. Robertson, of St. Charles, is a scientist and small business owner.

Marston, who was village president of Pingree Grove from 2011-15, said in a statement to the Robertson campaign that, “as a former elected official in this community, I know the importance of public service. I have voted Republican for most of my life because I do not believe in big government intervention in our lives. However, I can no longer support Rep. Dan Ugaste for state representative, even though I am his campaign committee chair.”

Marston would not speak to a reporter, but confirmed via text message that he was endorsing Robertson over Ugaste.

“As a full-time legislator and with her background, she would be best suited to address issues. Linda will look for solutions and be open to compromise rather than resting on typical political talking points,” Marston said in the release. “Linda has made it clear that she will protect our rights to make personal decisions and live without excessive government interference. Linda Robertson is the better candidate. She has my full support.”

Dan Ugaste

Marston said Ugaste’s platform is “disconnected from the core values of today’s society,” according to the release.

Ugaste said Marston assisted with his campaign in 2017 and 2018, but they had a parting of the ways in 2019.

“That is a pretty broad statement,” Ugaste said of Marston’s reason for supporting his opponent. “I believe I voted with my district the entire time I’ve been in Springfield. There will always be differing opinions within a district. We get feedback and as bills come up, I vote with the district.”

Ugaste said Marston was involved but not in the day-to-day work of his campaign.

According to the State Board of Elections’ website, Marston was chairman of Citizens for Ugaste since Aug. 22, 2017, and currently is still listed a chairman.

In a text message, Ugaste said it was an oversight during the pandemic and he sent in new paperwork as of Sept. 29.

The 65th District covers portions of Kane and southern McHenry counties, including Elgin, South Elgin, St. Charles, Campton Hills, Hampshire, Huntley, Pingree Grove, Batavia and Geneva.