Wings & Wheels Festival of Flight to land in St. Charles

Fox Valley Aero Club joining forces with Midwest Chapter of Lamborghini Club America

Fox Valley Aero Club is joining forces with the Midwest Chapter of Lamborghini Club America for the Wings & Wheels Festival of Flight in St. Charles.

ST. CHARLES – On display for a special Wings & Wheels air and car show will be aircraft and limited production Lamborghini sports cars from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 10.

The radio-controlled planes and cars represent years of scientific research into the use of active aerodynamics, high horsepower and the ultimate in pilot control through minimal effort, a news release stated.

“Wings can cause lift or can cause down force,” club President Dale Gathman stated in the release. “When you are at our event, see if you can find the wing on the Lamborghini and what it does. Does it help make the car fly?”

Jim Thompson, the coordinator for the Festival of Flight, notes: “At this year’s Wings & Wheels air show, you will see RC foamies and fighters, 3D stunt planes, flying lawn mowers, and cars flown by the finest local RC pilots demonstrating their amazing flight skills. You will get to see over 100 RC scale aircraft and get to enjoy an unusual grouping of about 20 exotic/sport cars.”

Imran Hasan, a member of both clubs and organizer for the Lamborghini Car Cruise, states: “When you fly an RC plane and start to understand the aerodynamics of a scale jet, you appreciate more the active aerodynamics and research that has gone into a Lamborghini. You get to feel the g-force when you accelerate, and feel how the rear wing is used to improve how the car handles.”

In addition to all-day air demonstrations and the car show, there will be a noon air show full of fun surprises, aviation details and RC history. You will see giant scale jets and giant scale warbirds with wings 10 feet or greater with some flying at over 100 mph.

There is a spectator entrance fee of $5 per adult; admission is free for children ages 12 and younger. Seating is available, but spectators can bring their own chairs if desired. Concessions will be available. The Fox Valley Aero Club field is near the intersection of Route 38 and Peck Road, at 3831 Karl Madsen Drive in St Charles.