CycleBar bringing new fitness options to St. Charles

Vince Fiore opened franchise studio in March in the Foxfield Commons shopping center

Lindsey McCall teaches a class at the newly-opened Cyclebar in St. Charles.

Vince Fiore felt like he experienced a life-changing moment after hopping on one of the bikes at a CycleBar studio about 18 months ago.

“I was so motivated by the instructor and the atmosphere and the intensity of the ride and what I got out of it,” Fiore said.

After that experience, the St. Charles resident decided to open his own CycleBar studio. Using his construction background – he owns Fiore Builders Inc. – he built one of CycleBar’s largest locations in just 12 weeks. CycleBar, founded in 2004, bills itself as the world’s first and largest indoor cycling franchise.

Owner Vince Fiore at the newly-opened Cyclebar in St. Charles.

Fiore’s studio opened in March at 2686 E. Main St. in the Foxfield Commons shopping center.

In setting up the studio, Fiore said it was his goal to create a community area where people could socialize while they are waiting outside the workout room.

“Being a rider and being a contractor really went hand in hand here,” Fiore said. “The walls are insulated for sound. If you are outside the studio space, you can hear, but it’s not overwhelming at all. So we’ve thought of everything.”

He also wanted CycleBar to have an open feeling to it.

“I wanted less walls and more open space,” he said.

Sayings designed to convey positivity are plastered on the wall outside the workout room, including the phrase, “How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.”

“My desire here is to really make a difference in people’s lives,” Fiore said. “That’s really one of the passions I have.”

CycleBar prides itself on the strong relationships it has with its customers.

“We pride ourselves on getting to know each and every one of our riders,” Fiore said. “We want to know their names, we want to know where they live, we want to know about their family life and what they do for a living. Before the ride, the instructor is talking to the people and asking them what their goals are and their expectations for the ride.”

Fiore hopes to carry the passion he has for CycleBar another step further. He wants to be an instructor at CycleBar.

His son, Vince Jr., also works at the studio.

It’s been a busy time for Fiore, who also opened U-Le-Le Salon Suites in March right next to CycleBar. He also owns Fiore Salon Suites at 157 S. Tyler Road in St. Charles.

“Fitness and beauty kind of go hand in hand,” Fiore said.

His CycleBar studio already has about 200 members. And he foresees membership continuing to climb.

“I plan on being somewhere between 600 and 800 members here,” Fiore said. “We have the potential for that.”

The studio has 45 bikes and already has had some full classes.

CycleBar has been trying to offer classes when they are most convenient to their customers.

Owner Vince Fiore and General Manager Sara Walls at the newly-opened Cyclebar in St. Charles.

“We’re offering about four to five rides a day, five days a week,” he said. “And then we offer three on Saturday and three on Sunday. Once we get to our potential, I’m hoping to do five to seven rides a day. Mornings are popular. We start our first ride at 5:30 a.m. and our last ride is around 7 p.m. But we’re still experimenting with that and seeing what the members really desire. I hope to offer a Sunday class around 4 p.m. That’s my goal.”

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