Letter: With the dams gone, the Fox river will flow freely

Letter to the Editor

Signs in the Fox Valley are spreading misinformation. One says “Save the River.” Another adds “Dam It.” This campaign aims to persuade people to reject the Army Corps of Engineers recommendation to remove the Fox River dams. Postcards claim that without the dams, the river will vanish and all fishing, wildlife and recreation will be lost. This is false. The dams once served to harness hydro power, run factories and build communities. Today, they are obsolete. They only strangle the river and flood natural habitats for flora and fauna. Now the Fox exists as a series of stagnant segments that function as private lakes between each dam.

Who’s behind this? Folks who live along these lakes and play with their noisy, aquatic toys. They call themselves the Fox River Preservation Society. But they don’t really care about the river. They want to save the dams. Why? To keep the river for themselves as their private playgrounds and avoid building longer docks.

With the dams gone, the Fox River will flow freely, naturally. Silt will be gradually swept away. The water will become cleaner and native wildlife will thrive. Read the engineers’ report. Then consider the wonders future generations could witness as flocks of migrating birds return to the wetlands. Imagine being able to freely paddle or powerboat to brunch in Batavia or dinner in Dundee. Recreational use and tourism will abound, not wither away.

Eliminating the dams will revitalize the Fox River, not endanger it.

David Guzik

St Charles