St. Charles middle school students, staff member sent home after eating marijuana chocolates

One Wredling Middle School staff member and 12 students ate chocolate laced with marijuana while at school Friday and were sent home, according to St. Charles School District spokesman Scott Harvey on Monday.

A student at the school passed out chocolates as part of a “spicy chocolate challenge.” An employee confiscated the chocolate from the student after it was distributed.

Harvey said school officials opened an investigation with the school resource officer, who tested the chocolate and found traces of marijuana.

Harvey said students who ate the chocolate were sent to the school nurse, and their parents were contacted to pick them up. The staff member traveled home by a ride share service.

“Most of the individuals who ingested the substance experienced [no effects] or mild levels of impairment, and there were no injuries sustained,” Harvey said in an email.

Those who ate the chocolates did not know they contained marijuana, Harvey said in an email Tuesday morning.