Elburn Village Board decides against water bill increase

ELBURN – The Elburn Village Board opted to table a proposed ordinance amendment that would’ve raised waterworks-related charges for residents by 2% at its board meeting on March 1.

After an amended motion by Trustee David Anderson, the board is likely going to vote in the near-future for a 0% increase – with the possible intent of using a portion of federal COVID-related funds the village received to make up the difference in revenue that would’ve been generated by the increase.

The board preferred to have a more clear financial forecast and understanding of those implications for the proposed raise, while also not putting a greater financial burden on Elburn residents, given the current pandemic.

The current ordinance reads the waterworks service charge “shall be adjusted annually on May 1 by the greater of either the Consumer Price Index-Chicago (All) (CPI-U) or two (2) percent,” which the CPI currently sits at .9.

For a one bedroom apartment, the increase would’ve raised the waterworks charge from $1,024 to $1,044.

“Great suggestion,” Trustee Sue Filek commented on the amended motion. “It affected our village and the village is our people. That’s awesome.”

The board also approved a bid from Orange Homes Services to install three HVAC units and four UV air purifiers at Village Hall. The village received $352,000 in COVID-related funds that pertain to costs, upgrades and replacement of equipment to help mitigate the spread of the virus.

The board also approved a three-year contract with Nexus as the telephone provider for Village Hall. Current costs, excluding taxes and fees, is $655.11. With the new contract, the village will now save $42. 80 per month.

Jacob Bartelson

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