Severe Weather Season is Coming: Are You Ready?

Stateline Solar - Are You Ready for Severe Weather Season?

During severe weather, many things can go wrong. In the Midwest, severe weather can be unpredictable, so planning ahead is essential to your family’s safety. As the Midwest begins to move into severe weather season, what better time is there to discuss your emergency action plan with your family?

Emergency Kits

Prepare an emergency kit to ensure your family is prepared in case of a disaster. Ready Illinois recommends that items like soap, medications, sleeping bags, and extra clothing be included in an emergency kit. For additional details on creating your emergency kit, please visit the Ready Illinois website.

Understand Your Surroundings

Making sure you know essential details about your home and the area you live in is crucial to your family’s safety. The National Weather Service recommends you select a safe location in your home or community and communicate this information with your family or those you live with. Storm cellars or basements are the best options for when severe weather hits. If neither option is available, select a location in your home or community that is low to the ground and far away from doors and windows, like bathrooms, closets, and windowless hallways.

Battery Backup Systems

Severe weather conditions can bring unpredictable power outages. Stateline Solar can assist with providing solar-paired battery backup options that can be customized to power crucial electrical needs or the whole home during a power outage.

The battery backup systems Stateline Solar installs are paired to solar panel systems; if you’re not ready to make the full leap to battery backup, you have the option of starting with solar first and adding battery backup later. Notify your sales representative of your interest in battery backup, and your solar system can be fitted to be prepared for battery backup whenever you are ready.

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