3 Things to Know When Buying a Rifle

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A rifle can be a compelling choice for your next firearm purchase for a variety of reasons. Some advantages rifles have over shotguns or pistols are that their projectiles often travel much faster, they are often easier to employ due to more manageable recoil, and they are ideal for long-range shooting due to their precision. Consider these three things when you buy your next rifle:

1. Know the specific purpose of the gun, or the job you need it to do. This will help you decide which caliber rifle to choose. If the rifle is reserved for a specific purpose, like hunting specific game or long-range target shooting, then finding a caliber that will perform reliably against your target will be the main goal. If you require a generalist rifle capable of multiple roles, then going with the tried and true 5.56mm cartridge is probably your best choice.

2. It’s become extremely common to outfit rifles with some sort of optical device as an alternative to iron sights, whether it’s a magnified optic like a scope or an unmagnified red-dot sight. If you plan on outfitting your rifle with this type of device, the optic shouldn’t be an afterthought. Spending more on a reliable, durable, and dependable optic will allow it to be a force multiplier instead of a liability.

3. When in doubt, consider an AR-15. Nearly as versatile as a shotgun, rarely will an AR-15 with a 16″ barrel be insufficient for your needs. Bullets fired from the weapon have little recoil, yet travel extremely quickly, making accurate yet devastating shots out to several hundred yards trivial on anything but the largest of game. The weapon is light and compact for a rifle, and its ease of use and ammo capacity make it feasible for home defense if the situation demands.

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