Making Your Home Merry

While keeping the house decorated, cleaned, and organized is important, it’s also crucial that you take time to fully enjoy these moments – and cultivate a more positive atmosphere in your home.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

When you’re rushing around trying to perfect everything for the holidays, it can be hard to maintain a positive attitude, much less encourage everyone else to do the same. For some people, it can also be hard to keep spirits high as the days get shorter and colder. Here are a couple tips to spread positivity:

Create a gratitude chain.

When it comes to boosting your mood, there’s nothing better than giving thanks. Take advantage of this positive effect – and add some holiday sparkle and flair to your home – by creating a fun DIY gratitude chain.

Cut out several dozen bright red, green, and white strips of construction paper. Each day, you and your family members write down something you’re grateful for, taping up each new strip to form a chain link. Soon you’ll have a DIY garland full of Thanks!

Give something back to the community.

Performing a weekly act of service with your loved ones can also strengthen bonds, and increase your own sense of purpose. Regular acts of service will make you feel more merry and bright.

  • Offering to shovel snow from a neighbor’s driveway
  • Give a neighbor a holiday basket
  • Donating canned food
  • Sponsor a local family in need

Be creative.

Embracing your creative side is a fantastic way to honor the spirit of the holidays.

  • Participating in a holiday cookie bake-off
  • Filming a short (and silly) holiday movie together
  • Writing letters to grandparents or other extended relatives
  • Creating a family time capsule ornament for next year’s tree
  • Hosting a virtual family talent show

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