Summer Cleaning: Outdoor Edition Part 1

Summertime weather offers the perfect excuse to grab the garden hose or a bucket of soapy water and scrub down outdoor spots on your property that are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Here are a few areas to be sure to clean.


Now is the perfect time to tackle cleaning the outside windows, since they’ll dry quickly—and so will you, if you happen to get wet.

For a thorough exterior window cleaning:

  • Remove your screens and carefully scrub them down using the hose and some liquid castile soap.
  • Use a broom to clear away loose dirt, and spider webs from the window frames.
  • Next, use a garden hose to rinse the panes, and wipe them down with a clean microfiber cloth, using a bit of lightly soapy water for caked-on dirt or debris.
  • Spritz windows with a window cleaner or a solution of one part vinegar to two parts water and use a rubber-bladed squeegee for a streak-free finish.
  • Finally, replace the screens.

How often: Wash the exteriors of your windows once or twice a year, depending on your local climate.


Exposed to the elements, the exterior walls of your home can accumulate plenty of mud, leaves, and cobwebs, especially near the ground and along the roof joint. Use a spray nozzle attachment on your garden hose to rinse away dirt and give your home a little summer refresh.

How often: Wash the siding on your home once a year, or as needed.


Keep your deck or patio in top condition by sweeping away leaves, bugs, dirt, and cobwebs, then rinsing away any remaining debris using a garden hose and spray nozzle attachment.

How often: Sweep as often as needed, depending on how frequently you use the area and how fast dirt accumulates. Keep in mind that wooden decks may also need to be re-sealed annually.

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