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Sycamore Golf Club raises over $200K during fundraiser

Sycamore Park District building sign on Airport Road

SYCAMORE – Sycamore golf pro Kirk Lundbeck recently raised more than $200,000 for the Sycamore Golf Club by playing Beat the Pro with golfers at charity outings, something he’s been doing for 26 years.

Each year, the course hosts 18 to 20 large charitable events. All proceeds from Beat the Pro are donated back to the organization, according to a news release.

If a player places a bet, the minimum is $5, and there is no maximum bet – a player can bet whatever they want. Participation is voluntary.

The foursome then has a choice of whether Kirk hits the first shot of the group or the last shot of the group. If a player gets their ball on the putting surface, they can have their money back. If the player’s ball ends up closer to the hole, they double their bet. If the player gets their ball within the 15-foot-diameter circle painted around the pin, they triple their money whether Kirk’s ball is inside the circle or not.

Over the years, Kirk has had eight holes-in-one doing Beat the Pro. However, these do not count as official holes-in-one because he is not playing a round of golf.