New website launched to celebrate economic opportunities in DeKalb County

Welcome to the City of DeKalb sign along Route 38 in DeKalb, IL on Thursday, May 13, 2021.

DeKALB - The DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation is celebrating its 185th anniversary this year with the launch of its new website

The website is a resource for community members, visitors and current or new businesses to find out everything they need to know about DeKalb County in one place, according to a news release.

The website is designed to address the interests of different target audiences. A “Build” page on the website focuses on information site selectors look for when identifying prospective locations for a business. A “Work” page provides information about work opportunities. A “Live” page showcases all aspects of living in DeKalb and and “Experience” page shows visitors the many activities to do in DeKalb County.

The Opportunity Unbound is a branding initiative that, over the past two years, has attracted $1.1 billion of investment in the development of 5.2 million square feet of industrial space and the creation of 1,850 jobs, according to the development corporation.

Opportunity Unbound is designed to attract workers, young professionals and families to work and live in DeKalb County. The initiative creates awareness of local amenities, attractions and communities while the communications platform promotes all that DeKalb County has to offer, promotes new initiatives, and the lesser known assets of the county.

The DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation is a public and private partnership working to facilitate sustainable and diversified economic growth within DeKalb County.

For information, contact Paul Borek at or phone 815 895-2711.

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