DeKalb Firefighters Local 1236 donates $500 to DeKalb Rotary for memorial clock restoration

The DeKalb’s Firefighters Local 1236 presented members of the DeKalb Rotary Club with a check recently for $500 towards the restoration of the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Clock in DeKalb.

The DeKalb Rotary Club, celebrating its centennial year, has selected as its centennial project the restoration of Soldiers and Sailors Memorial clock to working order, according to a news release. The clock is located in Memorial Park at the corner of First Street and Lincoln Highway.

The DeKalb Firefighters Union Local 1236 takes pride in their active role in supporting various community groups and organizations throughout the year both on and off duty. They have a history that has included awarding scholarships to area students, providing meals to families in need, providing sponsorships for youth athletics programs, and raising funds for various local and national charities. 

“DeKalb Firefighters Local 1236 is proud to support the Rotary in the restoration of the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Memorial Clock,” said Fire Capt. Luke Howieson, vice president of the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois. “To continue to honor the service of those in our community who sacrificed so much for our freedoms including many DeKalb Firefighters in our Department’s history that served in our armed forces is something we are committed to maintaining for future generations.”

One of the department’s former captains, Roy Miller, was a World War One veteran and last survivor of the Last Man Standing Club, Howieson said. 

“Miller was a charter member of the DeKalb American Legion and his service to the DeKalb Community and our Country is something we are proud to honor through the support of this restoration project,” Howieson said.

The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial clock has not been functional for many years. DeKalb Rotary Club is planning to bring the workings of the clock to modern specifications while preserving the exterior look. The Memorial Clock, also celebrating its centennial, was dedicated on Feb. 13, 1921. 

Quotes to return the clock to an accurate time-telling piece indicate that the repairs to the clock will cost approximately $12,000, according to the release. Once the Club has raised the funds it will take approximately one month for the work to be completed. Updates to the project timeline and fundraising progress will be posted periodically on the club’s website. 

Donations can be made online through the club’s website here:  You can also mail a check to DeKalb Rotary, 829 Woodlawn Drive, DeKalb, IL60115.  Please make checks payable to the DeKalb Rotary Charitable Impact Fund. Donations are tax-deductible.