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City of DeKalb reaches tentative settlement with Hunter Properties, includes sale of several rental buildings

If approved, City of DeKalb would require landlord to sell Hunter Ridgebrook, Hunter Tri-Frat, Lincoln Tower, Hunter Hillcrest

Nicklas said the SSA would only apply to Hunter Properties only – specifically properties near Edgebrook Drive – and the now city-owned and vacant Edgebrook Manor Apartment Complex, 912 Edgebrook Drive, which is expected to be demolished this year.
James West, 24, a junior at Northern Illinois University and resident of Ridgebrook Apartment Complex in DeKalb, which is owned by Hunter Properties, talks Friday about the torn up carpet in a stairwell of one of the buildings and how long it has sat in disrepair. West is part of an effort to form an association of tenants of Hunter Properties buildings in hopes that it will help get some of the problems remediated in a timely manner.
File photo - A boarded up window in one of the Ridgebrook Apartment Complex at 8080 Ridge Drive, owned by Hunter Properties in DeKalb.
Fiel photo - Smashed in drywall in one of the Ridgebrook Apartment Complex buildings at 8080 Ridge Drive owned by Hunter Properties in DeKalb.