Daily Chronicle Athlete of the Week: Hinckley-Big Rock golfer Saje Beane

Hinckley-Big Rock's Saje Beane tees off during golf at Indian Oak Golf Course in Shabbona on Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2023.

With conference tournaments signaling the start of the postseason this week, Hinckley-Big Rock golfer Saje Beane picked the right time to start surging.

He carded a 42 and earned medalist honors last week, a week before the postseason is set to begin.

Each week, the Daily Chronicle asks our Athlete of the Week the same five questions and gives them the chance to ask a question for next week’s winner.

Here’s what Beane had to say. Answers have been edited for clarity.

What is your pregame music?

Beane: Don’t really listen to anything before a match, just try to get loose and relax.

What was the last TV show or movie you watched?

Beane: I don’t watch TV at all. Instead I drive around in my Challenger listening to mainly rap.

Other than your course, where is your favorite place to play?

Beane: I love Indian Oaks [the Royals’ home course in Shabbona], but I really enjoy The Creek in Shabbona.

For you, what does a perfect match look like?

Beane: A round with no mishit balls and chipping and putting well.

What’s the one thing about golf people don’t realize?

Beane: If you swing the club harder, it doesn’t mean the ball will go farther. You are actually more likely to mishit the ball.

From last week’s athlete of the week, Hinckley-Big Rock’s Tyler Smith: What’s one superstition about your sport?

Beane: If you don’t have cool tees, you won’t drive the ball well.

What question would you like to ask next week’s athlete of the week?

Beane: What’s your favorite place to get pizza from?