DeKalb County property transfers: March 25-31, 2024

Sauk Valley property transfers

Green Ridge Associates LLC to NVR Inc., Lot at 916 E. Garfield St., Waterman, $21,218.

Green Ridge Associates LLC to NVR Inc., Residence at 912 E. Garfield St., Waterman, $21,218.

TRPA LLC to Covington Court Apartments LLC, Farmland at East Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, $1,038,360.

Reston Ponds Equities LLC / Reston Ponds Management LLC / Shodeen Group LLC to Shodeen Homes LLC, Lots at 845 Greenleaf St. / 436 E. Cloverlane Drive, Sycamore, $90,432.

Gustavus Babson Farms Co. to Farmland Reserve Inc., Farmland at Aldrich Road / North Grove Road, Sycamore, $2,162,800.

Alpha Delta Pi International Housing Inc / Alpha Delta Pi Sorority to KC Beverages LLC, Apartment Building at 1230 Blackhawk Road, DeKalb, $495,000.

Judith E. Shils Trustee to Syed S. and Jillian M. Hyder, Residence at 3014 Fairway Oaks Drive, DeKalb, $293,000.

Sean Kittrell, Erin Kittrell and Nathan Knight to Robert and Linley Aspatore, Residence at 607 Fisk Ave., DeKalb, $165,000.

Grace E. Skibitsky to Micah Smoler, Residence at 325 W. Third St., Sandwich, $269,000.

Kimberly Ann Frieders to Michael R. Frieders, Residence at 927 E. Sixth St., Sandwich, $207,000.

Craig M. Sheppard Jr. to Brian George and Molly J. Wilson, Residence at 211 Ellen St., Sycamore, $260,000.

Peter A. and Rachelle D. Gleason to Jonathan Holle, Residence at 828 N. 11th St., DeKalb, $175,000.

Andrew and Elizabeth D. Oparyk to Thomas Reese Davis Jr. and Andrea Margaret Davis, Residence at 367 E. Ottawa St., Sycamore, $355,000.

Linda S. Akers Dec’d By Heirs to Jesus Renteria and Rebeka Mines, Residence at 341 E. Home St., Sycamore, $314,900.

Barb Squared LLC to Ma Clarissa Jugos, Residence at 939 Pond Brook Ave., Malta, $269,000.

Jessica Marie Bieneman to Alex Nerad and Alex Hanold, Residence at 478 Billings Drive, DeKalb, $415,000.

Richard E. Schopfer Revocable Trust to Joseph M. and Linda M. O’Brien, Residence at 1821 W. Forestview Drive, Sycamore, $630,000.

James Bojko to Angel U. Martinez Chandomi, Residence at 9956 Rimsnider Road, Hinckley, $285,000.

Chicago Title Land Trust Company Trust 54513 to GFF Holdings LLC, Farmland, Genoa, $945,000.

Itasca Bank & Trust Company Trust 11362 to Ryan T. Stanley, Lot at 11545 Ellwood Greens Road, Genoa, $34,900.

Jeffrey S. Freise Trust Trustee to Jose Rios and Laura Castelan, Residence at 23615 Airport Road, Sycamore, $359,000.

Norma Ayala to Joshua S. Snyder, Residence at 103 W. Comanche Ave., Shabbona, $15,000.

Doris A. Rex to Shawn Lowe and Lurana Bain, Residence at 1209 Green Court, DeKalb, $255,000.

Correction: This article has been updated to correct the spelling of Judith E. Shils’ name.

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