Kishwaukee College announces cuts in student fees

Changes meant to make higher education more affordable to students, officials say

Kishwaukee College, 21193 Malta Road in Malta.

MALTAKishwaukee College recently announced it removed about $375,000 in student fees, part of a plan officials have said is meant to boost enrollment and improve transparency surrounding costs for higher education.

The decision was made by the college’s Board of Trustees at a March 12 meeting, according to a news release.

“The elimination of student fees improves the transparency in the cost of attending Kishwaukee College,” Kishwaukee College President Laurie Borowicz said in a news release. “Budgeting for college is easier for students and their families when the cost of attendance is the price of tuition. Student fees are the unanticipated expenses that often are unknown until students see them on their bill.”

The board also approved a $5 increase to its base tuition for the 2024-25 academic year, bringing the total from $147 to $152 per credit hour for in-district and online courses, according to the release. The last tuition increase was in 2020.

Changes also were approved for students in Radiologic Technology and Registered Nursing courses, decreasing credit hour costs for those programs from $294 to $228, according to the release.

Officials said the changes are due to increased enrollment, expanded state support for community colleges and growing property value for the district among other goals meant to make Kishwaukee College more affordable for students.

“Thanks to responsible decision-making, the financial health of our college has allowed us to make these beneficial cost savings for our students while still reducing our tax levy,” Board of Trustees chairman Bob Johnson said in a news release.

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