Letter: What we allow for our present, we create for our future

Black keyboard - Letter to the Editor

What we allow for our present, is what we create for our future. I’ll say it again: What we ALLOW for our present, is what we CREATE for our future.

What do you imagine your life will be like in 5 years, 10 years or 20 years? What about in the last years of your life?

We want to have a sound mind and body. We want to be surrounded by friends and family. We want our life to still have purpose and meaning.

The reality is, many of us won’t. We will depend on others to move us, feed us, and change us. Our loved ones will visit us – in between work and school and their extremely busy lives.

Have you visited a nursing home recently? Ever? What do you think the patient-to-caregiver ratio is? How long do you think wait times are to use the bathroom or to be changed?

If we don’t create change, it won’t magically happen. What we allow for care for “them,” we allow for us. What we allow for THEM, we allow for US.


Geneva M. Fry